En Filigrane

Music and Dance Performance, Duet for a dancer and a cellist. Dramaturgy: Charles Gonzalès.

This work was born from a first encounter between two artists who like to go past the limits of their art.

Since she won a Victoires de la Musique award in 2003, Ophélie Gaillard has been travelling across the world as a soloist with her cello, but also with Pulcinella, a collective of soloists specialized in performing ancient music.

A choreographer and dancer noticed very early on by international critics, Ibrahim Sissoko as a solo artist has been in particular under the direction of Robin Orlyn, and also leads EthaDam, a hip-hop dance company.

After an unexpected encounter at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season as they both resided in Seine-Saint-Denis – CRD and center of the Galion of Aulnay-sous-bois), they wanted to experiment together on an open choreographic form, between virtuosity and interiority, in a playful and tender mindset.

African music, western music inspired by dance, their sources of inspiration are many. The cello speaks, the athlete joins the dance and becomes a poet. The bow sculpts the dancer’s body and reveals its inner resonances; the dancer initiates unexpected sounds and embodies each of the music pieces that he causes to emerge from the collective memory.

Each one sets out in a quest for the other, their roots, soul and history. An initiatory moment born from the magic of an improbable encounter within a performance space that has become sacred.

In coproduction with the Ethadam company, Arts et Spectacles productions (Colette Cohen) and the Théâtre du Ranelagh.

Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  1. Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  2. O Canto Do Ciscne Negro Alvorada
  3. Falla (De) – Siete Canciones Populares Españolas – Nana Alvorada
  4. Piazzola – Grand Tango – Tempo Di Tango Alvorada