Recital with piano

Recital with piano

1900s Secession: Vienna, Budapest, Prague

An exploration of this Viennese aesthetic current born at the end of the 19th century, which gave rise to the Jugendstil and flowed into each of the capital cities of the former Austro-Hungarian empire, inspiring architects, musicians and painters.

Pohadka, le Conte de Janacek
La Chanson de Pierrot from the opera Die Tote Stadt by Korngold
Sonata opus 4 by Kodaly
Sonata opus 6 by Strauss

1900s Vienna

A. Schoenberg: Die verklärte Nacht
A. Webern: Langsamer Satz
R. Strauss: Capriccio

2018 Debussy

Debussy: Sonata for cello
Rhapsodie for clarinet
Pieces for piano
Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps

J. Brahms: Complete pieces for cello and piano

Sonatas for cello #1 and #2
CD Aparté 2013

Schumann / Chopin / Brahms / Mendelssohn

A journey to the heart of German romanticism through the poetic and musical universe of an extremely sensitive Robert Schumann, already threatened by insanity, surrounded by his closest friends, Johannes Brahms and Felix Mendelssohn.

French Touch

Sonatas by Franck, Fauré, Debussy
CD Aparté 2010

An invitation to journey through Gabriel Fauré’s
refined universe, the post-romantic passion of Belgian composer César Franck, before fully entering the modern era of the 20th century through Claude Debussy’s sonata and pieces.

National Schools

An homage to Rachmaninov through his immense sonata for cello and piano, in parallel with that of another giant of the Russian 20th century, Dmitri Chostakovitch.


In a program with accordeonist Pascal Contet, the highlighting of diaspora migratory movements at the turning point of the 20th century, set from ancient austro-hungarian empire Vienna, will enable us to get back to an expert and virtuoso repertoire, inspired by folklore and traditional music: these of the East with Popper and Bloch ; these of Latin America, especially from Argentina and Brasil.

Cello, piano and reciter trio

L’intérieur des ombres.

Poems by Alain Duault (ed. Gallimard) and works from Bach to Webern

Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  1. Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  2. O Canto Do Ciscne Negro Alvorada
  3. Falla (De) – Siete Canciones Populares Españolas – Nana Alvorada
  4. Piazzola – Grand Tango – Tempo Di Tango Alvorada