Cultural action : The Regent’s musicians

The Regent's musicians : cello vs viola da gamba

Course leaders : Pascale Clément, Ophélie Gaillard
Objectives :

– Discovering the specificities of the instruments of the string orchestra baroque and classical and of baroque universe in general
– Learning more about viola and cello
– Experimenting with the sensorial approach to the instrument
– Trying to produce sounds with instruments

The project :

Presenting the ‘combat of Madame Viol’, a royal, refined instrument, but one on the decline, versus Mr Cello, instrument of the people, destined for a brilliant future.This musical joust is freely inspired by Hubert Le Blanc’s treatise Défense de la basse de viole contre les entreprises du violon et les prétentions du violoncelle, which came out during the Regency. The works that we share with children are taken directly from “The regent’s musicians” programme. The type and content of the interventions will be adapted to the ages, context and request of the venue.

Workshops :

– Duration : 1-1.5hr/session
– Number of sessions : 1
– Number of musicians : 2
– Public : 1 class, pupils aged 6-14 (primary and middle schools).

Past and future actions


Ophélie Gaillard
Pascale Clément

Further information

Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  1. Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  2. O Canto Do Ciscne Negro Alvorada
  3. Falla (De) – Siete Canciones Populares Españolas – Nana Alvorada
  4. Piazzola – Grand Tango – Tempo Di Tango Alvorada