Cultural actions


For nearly 10 years now, our collective of musicians in the Pulcinella ensemble has devoted a large portion of its activity to educational and social action in the form of specific interventions and medium- and long-term residencies.

Rather than predefine fixed modes of intervention, we proclaim grass-roots know-how and custom design programmes in an ongoing dialogue with our interlocutors, whether teaching and supervisory staff or representatives of local authorities.

Our ambition is to propose targeted actions in consultation with the partners and adapted to the reality of the ‘field’ without ever abandoning our standard of excellence, as we strive to offer the best to every audience. We wish to weave links, create encounters and put music and artistic practice at the heart of everyone’s life.



As such, the emblematic cities of our actions are located in the Seine-Saint-Denis and Val d’Oise départements outside of Paris. There we have closely collaborated with and favoured exchanges between cultural organisations, local associations, National Education services, and the health and prison sectors.

These targeted actions are always closely linked to our activity of creation and artistic development, so that every individual touched in the framework of our approaches becomes closer to cultural organisations, appropriating them so as to become the guardian of common cultural property. Our aim is rather to put our skills and passion at the service of users in order to share with each one the richness of our adventure and the demands of our commitment.

The Ensemble Pulcinella benefits from support from the PAC d’IDF (Permanence Artistique et Culturelle sur le territoire d’Ile de France), thanks to which we can present financially attractive pedagogical actions.

Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  1. Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  2. O Canto Do Ciscne Negro Alvorada
  3. Falla (De) – Siete Canciones Populares Españolas – Nana Alvorada
  4. Piazzola – Grand Tango – Tempo Di Tango Alvorada