Folia : learning about basso ostinato


Course leader : Pascale Clément
Objectives :

– Discovering the concept of through-bass
– Learning a simple form : the passacaglia
– Developing the ear : perceiving a bass line, understanding its structure, singing it
– Discovering new instruments (mechanics, building, sound production)
– Historical approach to the Baroque period and composers broached, with simple, playful reference points (Louis XIV, Versailles, Marie Antoinette, etc.)

The project :

The terms ‘chaconne’, ‘passacaglia’ or ‘basso ostinato’ are not common, and even less so for a young public. Yet, the musical simplicity of these forms, on which anyone can improvise, allows for immediate contact with children: La Follia, of course (a favourite theme for these interventions), and many others.

At the same time, they will enable us to apprehend old French, since everything can be told like short stories or in dialogue. For this use, the use of the viola da gamba, theorbo and song will constitute both the complete forces of musical accompaniment, as well as an instrumentarium to be discovered, far from concert halls and accessible.

Workshops :

Duration : 1h/session
Number of sessions : 1-3, possibility several classes
Number of musicians : 2-3
Public : pupils aged 5-10

Past and future actions


Pascale Clément

Further information

Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  1. Suite Pour Violoncelle Seul – Intermezzo E Danza Finale Alvorada
  2. O Canto Do Ciscne Negro Alvorada
  3. Falla (De) – Siete Canciones Populares Españolas – Nana Alvorada
  4. Piazzola – Grand Tango – Tempo Di Tango Alvorada